Sunday, October 15, 2006

Blast in unauthorized Firecracker Manufacturing Unit: Five dead, Two Injured

On the morning of 15/10/2006 at about 0930 hrs a blast has occurred in the house of one Fakir Saheb @ Amir Saheb situated at Buderia of Alankaru village of Puttur Taluk coming under the Kadaba Police Station limits. Due to the impact of the blast five persons have died on the spot and two persons injured. The names of the deceased are :

1. Fakir Saheb @ Amir Saheb (55) S/o Usman Saheb R/o Buderia House Alankaru Village, Puttur Taluk
2. Rafiq Saheb (26) S/o Fakir Saheb R/o Buderia House Alankaru Village Puttur Taluk
3. Vinaya (22) S/o Bommanna Gowda R/o Kakwe House, Alankaru Village Puttur Taluk (A/R Driver )
4. Vijaya (22) S/o Ishwara Gowda R/o Kakwe House Alankaru Village Puttur Taluk
5. Deekshith (09) S/o Vasantha Poojary R/o Buderia House Alankaru Village Puttur Taluk

The names of the injured are,

1. Nonayya (21) R/o Buderia House, Alankaru Village Puttur Taluk. He has been admitted to Adarsha Hospital Puttur Town. He is said to be out of danger
2. Roshanabi (50) W/o Fakir Saheb R/o Buderia House Alankaru Village Puttur Taluk. She has been given first aid treament.

On coming to know of the incident, Police officers responded to the spot along with dog squad. Preliminary reports indicated that the blast has occurred due to some kind of explosion whose impact has been very high.

Hence Controller of Explosives Mangalore was asked to visit the scene and make an assessment. It is found that due to the impact of the blast one auto rickshaw has been completely damaged and a half completed house collapsed. Another old tiled house has also been partially damaged. All the things including human flesh were found thrown around the site of blast up to a distance of 50 –75 ft.

On clearing the debris, all the five bodies were recovered and identified. In addition, small quantities of various powders and other materials that are normally used in the manufacture of firecrackers were also found inside the half completed house.

All these substances have been seized for further examination. It is gathered from the local villagers that the deceased Fakir Saheb used to manufacture and supply fire crackers locally for various occasions including fairs and festivals. It is suspected that the blast must have occurred due to some impact or friction at the time of unloading of raw materials or loading of finished firecrackers to the auto rickshaw.

In this connection a case of death due to negligence and under Explosive Act has been registered in Kadaba PS against the deceased Fakir Saheb and others.

Explosive experts from FSL Bangalore have also been requisitioned to carry out further examination of the scene.