Monday, December 18, 2006

Bantwal Police Crack The Farangipet Blast Case: Three Arrested

On the night of 07/12/2006 at about 2000 Hrs at Farangipet of Bantwal Rural PS limits a loud blast sound was heard from a community hall belonging to Sevanjali Pratistana - a local social organization. Due to the impact of the blast the entire building vibrated and the inside area was filled with smoke. Two persons who were inside the hall at that time were however unhurt. The impact of the sound was very loud and the entire village heard it. On coming to know of the incident, CPI Bantwal Mr.M.K.Ganapathy who rushed to the spot cardoned off the area and the explosive experts were requisitioned to the spot immediately.

On examination of the scene Explosive experts found a small crater on the cemented floor just by the side of one of the window on the frontside. The crater measuring 5" in width and 1"-2" depth was circular in shape. Due to the impact of the blast the entire building seems to have been shaken although no damage has been caused to the structure as such. Some plastic wrapper and a small metallic object looking like detonator were also found on the floor. The explosive experts suspected that some crude Explosives have been used to create the blast due which the crater has been formed.

In this connection a case was registered in Bantwal Rural PS Cr No 174/06 U/s 5, 9(B) of The Explosive Act 1984 & Sec 3 of the Explosive substances Act on the complaint of the the Secretary of the Trust against unknown accused and further investigation taken up.

The investigting officer of the case Mr.M.K.Ganapathy CPI Bantwal after detailed investigation has been able to detect the case and arrest three of the main accused involved in the case. Their names being:

1. Nawaz 19 yrs R/o Kumpanamajalu Pudu village Bantwal Taluk
2. Mohammed Musthaq @ Musthaq 19 yrs Farangipet Bantwal Taluk
3. Mustafa @ Muchappa 19 yrs R/o Farangipet Bantwal Taluk

All these accused have been arrested on 17/12/2006 from Thumbe village Bantwal taluk and their detailed interrogation has revealed that they had conspired to do this act to create panick and commotion in the area so as to trigger communal disturbance. They also disclosed that they had used a crude type of bomb (called Thote in the local language that is normally used by the villagers to catch fish in the river) to commit this offence. A similar type of bomb prepared and hidden has been recovered on the confession of the the accused Nawaz. Another Motor Cycle used to commit the act has also been seized by the accused.

Further probe is on to find out the source of the explosive substances used by the accused. The accused have however been produced before the Judicial Magistrate and remanded for judicial custody.