Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bid to abduct Advocate for Ransom and Murder Foiled, Nine underworld elements arrested with weapons and vehicles

An attempt to abduct a city advocate for ransom and murder has been foiled by the DCIB team of DK District Police minutes before it could be executed, thereby preventing a mojor crime that would have sent shock waves among the legal fraternity. A gang of nine members working for the well known underworld gangster Koraga Vishwanath Shetty have been nabbed on the evening of 20-06-2009 along with a 9mm Pistol, ten live rounds, a bike, a car, an auto rickshaw, eight mobile phones and several sharp weapons.

On 20-06-2009 the Mangalore East Police station received a complaint at 0900 hrs from one Advocate in the city, that a group of three youngsters came to his office on a bike at Bunts Hostel and threatened him at gun point to give him extortion money otherwise he would be kidnapped by the same evening and even murdered if their demands are not met. On the complaint of the Advocate a case was taken up at the East Police station under Cr No. 137/09 U/s 448, 504, 506 R/w 34 IPC and Sec 25 & 27 of Arms Act. Immediately a team was formed under PI DCIB Venkatesh Prasanna to nab the culprits before any untoward incident occurs. They immediately started collecting information on the gangs and zeroed in on a gang working for Koraga Vishwanath Shetty operating in the city. On definite information that the gang was proceeding towards the city to the advocate’s office at 5 pm, the DCIB team intercepted a car at Karangalapadi, Mangalore City and caught five individuals in it. On questioning the boys they immediately confessed to be proceeding towards the office of the advocate to abduct him to a secret location in Kambalapadavu near Konaje. They disclosed their names as

1. Anish Shetty

2. Harisha @ Cocaine Harish

3. Deekshit poojari

4. Deepak Poojari and

5. Aneesh Leepak Lasrado

On conducting a personal search, a 9mm pistol along with seven rounds and three sharp weapons were recovered along with the car they were driving. On interrogation they revealed that they had placed 4 more gang members at the secret location at Konaje and that they had kept three more live rounds and a few sharp weapons in that location. They also revealed that they were instructed to undertake this operation on instructions of Koraga Vishwanath Shetty who stays abroad in a gulf country. The team immediately proceeded to the location mentioned by them and arrested three others namely

1. Ajay Karera

2. Ganesh

3. Nawaz and

4. Lokesh Devadiga

and seized three live rounds, two sharp weapons, a bike, eight mobile phones and an auto rickshaw from the spot.

Among those arrested, Harisha is involved in five cases of Hurt rioting and Arms Act in Madikeri town, Bramhavara of Udupi and Puttur Rural. Anish shetty is involved in 2 cases of Fake DD and Kidnap in Mangalore city.

The arrested accused will be produced before the magistrate and will be requested for police custody for further detailed interrogation to go into the details of why the advocate was targeted and other details on the main gangster Koraga Vishwanath Shetty and his other gang members and targets.

With this arrest a major dent has been made in the underworld operations in Mangalore city by paralyzing the Koraga Vishwanath Shetty gang. Further efforts are on to trace the location of Koraga Vishwanath Shetty and nab him. This is the third major underworld team busted by DK District Police in the last three months including the arrest of Rashid Malabari of ‘D’ Company in the month of March and the arrest of the gang working for Underworld element Ravi Poojari involved in the Murder of Advocate Naushad Kashimji in the month of April. It may also be recalled that another gang working for Underworld gangster Bannanje Raja and Ravi Poojari was nabbed by the Bangalore City Police a few days back and DK District police are in the process of getting custody of that gang for further investigations into cases related to that gang in the city. These arrests should to a large extent bring a control on the extortion racket of underworld gangsters in Mangalore city. Further efforts continue to nab the main gang leaders who operate from across the borders. The DCIB team headed by PI DCIB Venkatesh Prasanna has been appreciated and has been given a reward of Rs 25.000/- for the effort.