Monday, March 30, 2009


The special squad of Western Range Police in close coordination with Central & State Intelligence Agencies have been successful in apprehending notorious INTERPOL notified Criminal Rashid Malbari @ Double and his four accomplices in the early hours of 29-03-2009 and have foiled a conspiracy to kidnap for ransom worth crores of a prominent person from Udupi District and also due to the timely action have foiled an attempt to assassinate some prominent persons in the country during the run up to the General Election.

The special squad of Western Range Police comprising of the officers and staff from Dakshina Kannda and Udupi Districts with the assistance of Central and State Intelligence agencies gathered credible information that a gang of underworld under directions from abroad had conspired to execute or kidnap for ransom for nearly five crore rupees and further another conspiracy to assassinate some prominent persons in public life so as to disrupt the Lok Sabha election process. Information was also received that some gang members were coming from Kasargod for conducting recee to execute the conspiracy, the Special Police team intercepted their vehicle in the early hours of 29-03-2009 near Talapady Check Post of D K District.

On search of the Car and the persons, a pistol with ammunition and sharp weapons were found. Their interrogation revealed their names as follows.

1. Sayaf T.A., 25years, S/o Late Abdulla, r/o CP 10/147, Kaniyadka, Thekkila Post, Chattenchal, Kasargod Taluk & District.


2. Mohammad Hasim, 28 years, S/o Late Abubakker, r/o Pandyal Valappu, Nellikunnu, Kasargod Taluk & District.

Occupation: Driver Car/Lorry.

3. Ibrahim @ Sahib Ibrahim 27 years, S/o S.K. Idinabba, R/o Mariyamma Manzil, Near Govt. Ice Plant, Kapu Padu, Udupi District. Now at : Near Jumma Masjid, Vikrayagoli, Kapu. Occupation: Fishing

Further interrogation revealed that, they were working for one Rasheed Malbari and that they were given the task of conducting a recce of Mangalore area to execute their conspiracy. A case under Ullal PS Cr. No. 84/2009 U/s 120(B) IPC, 3 &25 Arms Act was taken up against them. On the basis of their information the special team raided a place in Kasargod Town of Kerala State and apprehended the following persons.

1. Rasheed Malbari @ Double, 38 years, S/o Late Karuvai Hussain, Flat No. 202, Kulsum Apartment, Kausa Mumbra, Thane District, Maharastra.

2. Sahil Ismail Sheik, 23 years, S/o Ismail Malbari, R/o Yunus Chal, Middle Room, Wadi, Baneligav, Titwala, Thane District, Maharashtra.

Occupation: Real Estate.

On their information, a firearm and ammunition were also recovered. Havala money of Rs. 19,000/- has also been recovered along with several SIM cards of India and foreign countries.

Rashid Malbari, 38 year, the prime catch is an aide of Chota Shakeel of Dawood Ibrahim gang along with Munna Jhingda and Salim Chikna. In the year 1995, he had come in contact with Chota Shakeel in Dubai and used to carry out Havala business to help the gang members in Jail and in Court matters. His brother Ismail was shot dead in Vikroli and another brother Sajid in the limits of Nagpada Police Station of Mumbai both in the year 1997.

His first murder was in 1996 when he along with Mastan shot dead Vilas an associate of Mohan Kotiyan. In 1997 he was part of the gang of Chota Shakeel that killed Hussain Vastra suspected informant of Chota Rajan.

In 1998 he along with Mastan trapped and shot dead Prashant and John in Baikampady under Panambur Police Station limits as he suspected them to have been hired by Chota Rajan to kill him.

He is also involved in the 1998 shoot out case in the limits of K.G. Halli Police Station limits of Bangalore City.

Rashid Malbari has traveled extensively to Gulf, South East Asian countries and China under fake documents. He is also involved in the attempt on the life of Chota Rajan in Bangkok in the year 2000 in which Chota Rajan escaped hurt but his aide Rohit Verma was killed. He has also killed Balu Dokre an aide of chota Rajan in Kaula Lumpur in 2005.

He entered India about 9 months back via Nepal and thereafter he has been moving around from place to place evading Police. He has recently contacted his handlers abroad who assigned him the task of kidnap for ransom and assassination of prominent leaders, by raising a local team. He is in receipt of money through Havala for his operations.

Despite his notoriety and involvement in large number of cases he had escaped the Police dragnet in India and abroad for the last 13 years. He has been arrested for the first time.

It is suspected that he is involved in a large number of other cases. The Police forces of Maharastra especially Mumbai and other states and the Interpol wing of CBI New Delhi will be contacted for further investigation of his past cases in India and abroad.

All the five accused have been arrested and produced before the court. Efforts are now on to nab the remaining conspirators and the main kingpin Chota Shakeel through the help of INTERPOL and local agencies. The previous cases of Rasheed Malbari, which were closed as undetected, will now be reopened and investigation finalized.

This detection is an excellent example of coordination between the Central Intelligence, State Intelligence and the District Police in nabbing an international gang.

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