Thursday, July 23, 2009

Online Complaint/Info facility Introduced

In furtherance of measures being adopted by the DK District police to increase police accessibility to the people, we have introduced an option of passing complaints or Crime related information to the Superintendent of Police online on the District Police Blog The option would be available to readers under the “LINKS” column. All they will need to do is fill in the relevant information on the form and click on the SUBMIT botton. It may be noted that information may be passed even anonymously and the only mandatory field in the entire form is the Information details field. The information passed through this form will automatically get delivered to the E-Mail ID of SP DK for further necessary action. Initially for technical reasons the form is only in English. Efforts are on to make it even in Kannada. It may be noted that Public were also given the option of an FIR Helpdesk for those complainants whose complaints were not entertained at the police station level. However this option of Online complaints is available not only to people who want to make a complaint but also to persons who want to pass sensitive information or just want to give a general feedback. Another clarification regarding this facility is that an FIR will not be able to be lodged on the basis of a complaint received online as the requirements of law are for a signed copy of the complaint. However the concerned officer will be asked to go to the spot and make an enquiry and at such time a signed copy of the complaint may be given to the officer for an FIR. Users need not worry about disclosing their identity in case sensitive information is to be passed, as the fields related to identity are not mandatory, but a word of caution to those who may misuse the facility is that if need arises the identity can still be tracked by IP numbers of the system used.