Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Two British Citizen Arrested For Not Possessing Valid Travel Documents

Two British Citizens have been arrested today (06/09/2006) by Mangalore North Police for not possessing valid travel documents like Passport, Visa, or Registration Card … etc. They have been booked under the Foreigners Act, 1946 vide Mangalore North Police Station Cr.No. 222/2006

The name of the persons arrested are:

1. Mr. Ebrahim Dhansey @ Kevin (51) R/o Bristol, United Kingdom.
2. Ms. Rita Kaur (49) R/o Bristol, United Kingdom.

Both the persons have been found staying in a local Hotel in Mangalore for the last two months. They are also having a small female child aged 1½ years.

It is learnt that both of them came to India during end 2004 and since then they have travelled to various places in India.

Both the accused are being produced before the Jurisdictional Judicial Magistrate today and Police custody for Mr Ebrahim Dhansey is being sought for detailed enquiry.